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Buying a First Home

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Buying a First Home

How Flight Risk Affects Bail Amount

Irma Bates

Finding yourself getting booked in the county jail is probably not the place you expected to be, but if this happens to you, there is a good chance you can get out of jail within hours if you pay the bail amount. This is the benefit that bail offers; however, courts set bail amounts by closely examining the severity of the crime and the person's record. As they do this, they will determine if the person is a flight risk, too, and this is a factor that will greatly affect the amount the courts for your bail money.

What is a flight risk?

The term "flight risk" is a commonly used term in court when speaking of alleged criminals. People who are facing criminal charges are not guilty of these charges until the court convicts them; however, the court has the right to keep them in jail while they wait for their court hearings. Courts generally will either keep people in jail that are considered flight risks or will set overly high bail amounts to hold them more accountable for their court hearings while out on bail.

So, to be a flight risk, you must have a record of some kind that poses high risks that you might leave the area or simply avoid going to court for your hearings. The court views people as flight risks when they have a record of failing to appear in court or when they have long rap lists of violent or dangerous crimes. If the court has reason to believe that you will not follow through with your part of the criminal law process, they might label you as a flight risk.

How do courts respond to people that fall into this category?

The way a court responds to a person who is a flight risk is by either denying bail for the person or by setting a high bail amount. If the court denies bail, the person cannot get out of jail until the court releases them, and this will take months in most cases. If the court sets a high bail amount, it can make the person want to attend court hearings to avoid losing the money paid for bail.

What can you do if the court views you as a flight risk?

If you find out that your bail is really high, you do not have to worry about paying it all yourself to get out of jail. You can call a bail bondsman to pay it for you and doing this will result in the ability to get out of jail by paying a fee to the bail bondsman you use.

To learn more, contact a bail bond agent in your area.