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Buying a First Home

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Buying a First Home

Has Your Child Been Arrested? How To Help Them Avoid Problems With Their Bail Bond

Irma Bates

If your child has been arrested, it's time to think about the bail bond process. If you've decided not to arrange for bail, you need to rethink that decision. Without bail, your child will remain in police custody until their case is complete. Depending on the type of case, that can be anywhere from several weeks to several months. That's why bail bonds are so important. But, you do want to take steps to avoid problems with the bail bond. That's especially true where bail jumping is concerned. If your child does anything to break the bond agreement, bail can get revoked. That's where these bail bond tips come in handy. Here are some tips to avoid problems while your child is out on bail.  

Choose a Local Bail Bondsman

If you need to get a bail bond for your child, go through an agency that's close to home. There are a lot of bail bond agencies to choose from. But, choosing a local bail bond agency makes it easier to stay in contact with your bail bond agent. Not only does that give you peace of mind, but it also instills accountability in your child. 

Get Legal Counsel Right Away

If your child has gotten arrested, don't wait to hire a criminal defense attorney. A criminal defense attorney will ensure that your child gets proper representation. But, they'll also help you prevent problems with your child's bail bond. That's especially true if you make sure your child stays in contact with their attorney. If you feel that your child is about to jump bail or do something that could get their bail revoked, you can contact their defense attorney. 

Arrange for Family Counseling

If you want to help your child stay out of trouble while they're out on bail, arrange for family counseling. There are a couple of reasons to get counseling for your child after an arrest. First, counseling can help your child overcome stress and anxiety. Counseling can also help your child make changes that will keep them out of trouble while they're out on bail. And counseling can help ensure healing for you and your child. 

Install a Locator App on Their Phone

If you're worried that your child will do something to get their bail bond revoked, use their phone. As part of their bail agreement, install a locator app on their phone. A locator app lets you track your child's phone while they're out on bail. That way, you and your bail bond agent can take action before your child jeopardizes their bail bond. 

Contact a local bail bond service to learn more.