Buying a First Home
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Buying a First Home

After 10 years of marriage, I’m still enjoying living in the first home I moved into with my husband. Buying a first home can be one of the most exciting events in a person’s life. Before making this important expenditure, people need to first sit down and determine how they will successfully finance it. After all, a home will likely be the most expensive purchase you make in your life. Talk to a loan officer and determine how much money you can reasonably borrow. Then, decide how much money you want to use as a down payment. You also must decide how many years you will finance your home for. On this blog, you will learn about the process of buying a first home with a loan.


Buying a First Home

Buying Investment Properties With DSCR Mortgages

Irma Bates

There are many individuals that will be interested in purchasing investment properties. These properties can be a source of profit through both rental incomes as well as property appreciation. Unfortunately, buying an investment property can be different from buying a primary residence in a few ways.

Take Advantage Of DSCR Mortgage Solutions

A key difference when applying for a mortgage for an investment property will be the fact that these loans will often have different requirements for approval. DSCR mortgage solutions can be a common tool for individuals that are needing a financing option for investment real estate. This is a type of loan that will enable a person to count the expected rental income that the property will generate as part of their application. This can make it much easier for some individuals to qualify for this style of financing.

Balance The Expected Income Of The Property Against The Mortgage Payments

Buying investment real estate will require a person to have a solid business plan that will consider the costs of the mortgage payments along with the rent that could be reasonably expected from the property. It may also be necessary to create an estimate for the maintenance costs of the property as it will be a legal obligation to repair any damage and other problems with the home as soon as possible. Otherwise, you could find yourself facing expensive liabilities. To account for this, some investment real estate entrepreneurs will choose to take out an additional line of credit to be used in circumstances where the property is needing major repairs.

Understand The Insurance Requirements Of Your DSCR Mortgage

It is an understandable requirement for a DSCR mortgage lender to have strict requirements when it comes to the insurance that the property owner will be expected to carry. While any mortgage will require a homeowner to carry extensive insurance on the property, investment properties may require policies that are specially designed for the types of liabilities and threats that commercial properties can face. For example, some DSCR mortgages may require investment properties to carry business interruption coverage. This can account for times when the property may have suffered major damage or other issues that will lead to it being unable to generate rent for a significant period of time while repairs are completed. Without this type of coverage, the owner may have a difficult time staying up to date with their DSCR mortgage payments.

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